State Representative Tommy Gregory has established the More Jobs and Better Wages PC as a vehicle to raise awareness of the dangers of a constitutionally mandated $15 minimum wage.

Today, State Representative Tommy Gregory announced that he has established the More Jobs and Better Wages PC to make voters aware of the dangers of Amendment 2 to Florida’s economy. Amendment 2 would amend the Florida Constitution to mandate a $15-per-hour minimum wage. Voters will weigh in on the initiative in November’s election. 

“The dangers of enshrining a $15 minimum wage in our state’s constitution cannot be overstated,” said Gregory. “More than half a million jobs for young people, seniors, and others looking to gain new skills at any point in their lives will be in jeopardy. Business owners will face skyrocketing labor costs that will force many to close their doors for good, putting even more people out of work. 

“it is imperative that Florida voters understand that voting Yes on Amendment 2 is a vote for increasing consumer costs and hardship for Florida senior citizens on fixed incomes. A mandated minimum wage may sound good at first, but it will end up hurting the very workers it purports to help. More Jobs and Better Wages PC will be working diligently to educate as many voters as possible ahead of the election. Florida’s future depends on voters’ ability to see through Amendment 2’s facile promises.” 

No state has ever passed a constitutional mandate raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Florida’s starting wage is already 18 percent higher than the federal minimum wage and is the highest in the region. 

In order to comply with Amendment 2, many business owners would be forced to cut the number of employees, reduce the number of hours employees work, and look for ways to automate services currently provided by workers in order to keep their doors open. 

“Amendment 2 would stifle job creation and stall economic growth,” said Gregory. “Simply put, locking in a $15 minimum wage would be devastating. Florida’s Constitution should provide a framework for government that will allow our citizens to flourish. Amendment 2 would do exactly the opposite.”